Are you helping your clients avoid lifetime Medicare penalties?

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My financial advisor has been great with my retirement strategy. But when it came time to sign up for Medicare, he recommended working with one of their preferred partners who specializes in that area.

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Financial & Professional Advisors

Your client is getting ready to retire, but are they relying on you to guide them into Medicare? Not knowing the enrollment periods and deadlines could cost your client a lifetime of penalties.  

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Employee benefit Advisors

Sometimes it makes sense to stay on an employer sponsored healthcare plan, and sometimes it does not. Medicare maybe the better option. A full cost analysis will help your employee make that decision.

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property & Casualty Agents

Placing insurance for home & auto clients is your specialty, but what if your client needs help signing up for Medicare? 

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When it comes to Medicare, let the experts help you.

Most people age into Medicare at age 65, but in reality many Americans are choosing to stay employed. Some because they need the extra income, some because they are simply not ready to retire and some who have employer group health insurance that is paid for and therefor saving money by not paying for Medicare insurance.  

​No matter what your clients employment situation is, there needs to be a detailed discussion about the 'do's and don'ts' of Medicare eligibility. 

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